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Latest Book! Heavy Light-out now in paperback

‘In this arresting, exceptionally moving account of his mental breakdown and recovery, the acclaimed travel and nature writer Horatio Clare examines crucial questions about severe mental illnesses with urgency and compassion.’
“Horatio Clare, whose adventures in the Black Mountains, the Gulf of Bothnia, the Ethiopian Highlands, and the point in the Pacific Ocean furthest on earth from land, have made him one of the most brilliant travel writers of our day, takes us us now to that most challenging country, severe mental illness; and does so with such wit, warmth, and humanity, that, better acquainted with its terrors, we may better face our own.”  
The Reverend Richard Coles
‘Game-changing’ – Daily Telegraph
‘What a gift…having such an articulate agent, reporting back from the far edges of the mind’ ― Sunday Times
Hard-hitting but tender-hearted . . . Clare thoughtfully and determinedly seeks to challenge the status-quo on treatment for mental health conditions ― Independent
A brave, lit-up account of going mad and getting better, that forensically tracks the footprints of both journeys towards a settlement with the self — Jeanette Winterson
‘I tore through Heavy Light, and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it’ – Amy Liptrot


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